Head of Product

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Timing Hire in Q2, for start in Q2/Q3 2021

Location We're a fully-remote team, but we have a slight preference for people located in the US.

Reporting Reporting to one of the cofounders.

About our product

  • From day 1, we've resisted the urge to build a simple "wedge" feature we can go deeper on, but instead a broad-based platform, with a lot of surface area. This is (hopefully) more powerful, but also brings challenges: complexity, competing priorities, and the need to constantly switch altitudes. Juggling these has been a compelling challenge for us, and we hope you'll relish the opportunity to take that on.
  • We're all about efficiency and productivity. We're not trying to maximize engagement but instead manage it (and even mitigate in many cases). So our product philosophy is probably a direct 180 from a social media product, for example. This also means that direct, intimate familiarity with B2B products is probably essential.
  • Within the next 12 months, we're going to have a bevy of products with distinct requirements, GTM strategy, sales cycles, etc. on top of the platform; which will mean stakeholders (internal and external) might have orthogonal priorities. We've done a good job so far keeping this in harmony, by ruthlessly cutting scope and sticking to our vision.
  • We have multiple team members that have owned elements of product over the life of the company. So, we have a lot of the right pieces in place, and it's also set our identity as a product-driven company with a foundation that is — candidly — pretty darn cool, and ready to scale. So, this is the perfect time to bring in an elite leader to help us build out a world-class product org.

Some Traits we are Looking For

  • 5+ years of experience in product management (8+ years preferred). In other words, we're open to both a "Director" or "VP" of Product; we'll band and compensate accordingly.
  • You can altitude-switch: when you start, you won't have a team, so on any given day you might be planning the big-picture strategy, or picking apart minutia during standup. Working with a small, high-velocity Eng + Design team has to sound exciting to you. It's really important for the ideal candidate to "do", not "delegate" for a while to come...
  • ... That said, you'll be a leader at the company, which will include building out your team, mentoring and developing them, and setting the culture for the product org (and beyond), with decisions based on facts, first principles, and conviction (born of expertise).
    • We hope you'll enjoy recruiting, building, running a team and not consider it a burden!
    • We'll often count on you to always keep us pointed in the direction of the North Star for the product vision, and articulating/imbuing it throughout the company.
  • You love keeping people honest: stress-testing the rest of the company's leaders, keeping the engineering team honest in their assessments and timelines, or picking apart our ops / client teams' requests to make sure the right things are getting built.
    • As part of this, you have to love scope management and prioritization like it's your favorite hobby (if it actually was, you'd be a huge geek and fit right into our company).
    • It would also be a benefit if you are opinionated about the right way to do something - but bring rational thought to bear on solving the problem.
  • The "Five Whys" isn't a catchphrase that you've heard, but instead describes how you actually operate... because you have a deep curiosity for the way things work, and you have a passion for talking to users and understanding their problems and needs.
  • Is rigorous about documentation: writing user stories, aligning requirements, and maintaining context for posterity.

Maybe you have...

  • Solid SQL and data analysis skills (and being highly hypothesis → validation driven) are a big plus. Is what we shipped working? Do "O"s actually translate into the expected "KR"s? How do we tweak what we've built, instead of building a new feature?
  • Led multiple products from ideation to launch, and you've brought the "what, why, and how" down to a science.
  • Passion for (and ideally experience with) productivity products: dashboards, workflow engines, etc.
  • Street cred as a "renaissance person":
    • Do you have a background beyond just product (e.g., a legal or finance background)?
    • Have you started a company or angel invested?
    • Do you like writing?
    • Do you go mountaineering or make your own wine (or [insert other very cool hobby])?
    • Do you dabble in code?

Tools we like but you are not required to know: Linear, Notion, Heap.

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