Head of Engineering

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Timing Hiring now, start ASAP

Location We're a fully-remote team; given the management or coordination responsibilities of this role, we can only consider candidates located in US time zones.

Culture & Values

We developed the first draft of our values before a single line of code was written. We have an incredibly employee-friendly organization where we aim to give every early employee meaningful ownership → a real stake in a successful outcome. We’ve blown through a 20% option pool before most companies use up 5-7%. We care about each other and our customers; and know we have a chance to make a true dent in the world by democratizing access to the best operational “iron man suits” on the market, for every startup.

Here are some values worth calling out:

  • Experiment, at all levels (including on our values and culture; which we revisit every ~6 months to iterate as appropriate)
  • Create a trusting environment with loads of internal transparency (that includes making compensation public and documenting our decisions; dedication and commitment in a way that every team member can just assume trustworthiness, and good intentions)
  • Customer outcomes drive our company’s outcomes (we become a large, impactful company by growing with customers and thoughtfully expanding our value delivered at every step; this means balancing going above and beyond <> refusing unreasonable requests; balancing what they want today <> in the long term, etc.)
  • Prioritize diversity (including with demographics, but not limited to “token” metrics)
  • Optimize for growth and evolution (as a company and in people)

Title We try to avoid titles at AbstractOps. This JD is scoped to capture the right kind of candidate profile, so we might use titles in here to send the right message.

Once you are on board, the title will be either

  • Engineering Lead (this may equate to Director of Eng, Principal Engineer, Chief Architect, or VP Engineering at other companies); or
  • CTO (if it means you are starting as an executive, who is contributing to, or driving, the entire company’s strategy from day 1). Needless to say, CTO is a high bar.


It’s very clear we’re on to something special. The demand for the value we provide is off the charts, with 100+ customers on the waitlist with zero PR or marketing; just word of mouth.

AbstractOps is automating the functions that make up any business (HR, legal, finance, compliance) so entrepreneurs can do what they love: focus on their businesses. Our engineering team builds the product that founders, CEOs and ops teams use every day to quickly access key information about their business, hire employees, pay vendors and complete many other workflows that keep the business running smoothly.

We have dozens of customers (at $20K+ ACV), multiples of that on a waitlist itching to get on the platform, and are growing 5x year-over-year. We have a GA launch planned in Q1, so we're expecting to grow even more rapidly in 2022.

We’ve raised from tier 1 VCs, in addition to more than 200 angel investors (almost all ex-operators / founders / execs).

The founding team has founded or led (as a C-Suite executive) several companies, with a (current) combined market cap of $2B+. We’ve grown companies to $40M+ in annualized revenue. We’ve worked at startups and 10k+ person companies. We’ve advised founders pre-idea, and Fortune 500 companies. We say this to emphasize that this isn’t our first rodeo; you aren’t about to see a bunch of rookie mistakes at this company.

Some Traits We Are Looking For

  • You are in your happy place as a key member of a product and engineering lead organization.
  • You should be able to build a strong understanding of our product and code base in short order, confidently lead our team of six senior and staff engineers through critical architectural decisions and regular code reviews.
  • 2022 is set to be a year of high growth for AbstractOps. You will be our trusted engineering leader, in every sense. You will mentor the team, foster best practices around decision-making and dig-in as a hands-on contributor as appropriate.
  • You’re a grounded, empathetic and passionate technologist.
  • Your enthusiasm for your work is contagious.
  • You're a good partner to product and other company leaders
  • You have a strong bias to action and getting things shipped
  • You've successfully built (ideally B2B SaaS) products from inception to implementation; or you’ve built new products within a larger company; or you’ve built something from ground zero as a founder/early employee
    • Extra credit for having done it more than once
  • You thrive in a startup environment, including operating under uncertainty and making necessary tradeoffs -- while explaining the why behind your decisions as required
  • You're excited about both writing code and leading teams: the need for being “hands-on” with the code will decrease over time; but what will remain key is a relentless desire to learn, remain close to technical decisions, and lead architecture
  • You appreciate the need for process even if it's not your strength
  • You communicate well in person and in writing. As a remote company we lean on process and Notion docs to coordinate our team.


If you love startups and are excited by the prospect of technical leadership, growing a product and team, and helping us capitalize on a massive market opportunity, we'd love to talk to you!

Nice to have

  • You love managing and mentoring a small team of (six) engineers and more as the company grows
  • You've scaled engineering teams from under 10 to 25+ people
  • You know how to identify talent, effectively recruit talented candidates, and have been a key member of recruiting at scale

Technologies We use: TypeScript, Golang, ReactJS, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, Node.js. Bonus points for experience with Event Sourcing/CQRS.

Note: experience with each and every one of these is NOT required, if you have a strong background in complex web applications and you’re a polyglot… you’ll likely do well.


Research shows that underrepresented groups apply only if they meet 100% of the criteria. AbstractOps is committed to leveling the playing field, and we encourage women, people of color, those in the LGBTQ+ communities, and veterans to apply for positions even if they don’t necessarily check every box outlined in the job description. This is the exact reason we don’t say “requirements” anywhere. If our mission, our culture, our values, our approach to hiring or anything else you just read made you nod your head vigorously, please still get in touch; we’d love to connect and see if you could be good for this or other roles (now or in the future!). In addition, if you have feedback for our JD, or process, please also reach out to let us know. We are relentlessly focused on experimentation and growth as values after all :).


NameRolesBase (Zone 1)Equity**Salary / Equity *
Eng Lead
75,000 options (~1.10%)
+/- $25,000
Eng Lead
105,000 options (~1.50%)
+/- $30,000

** Percentage ownership is based on current share count (fully-diluted shares outstanding); it does not account for expected dilution from already-issued SAFEs.

Important: if you are in a different "zone" (cost of living) your base salary will be adjusted accordingly (equity remains the same no matter where you live on the planet).
  • Zone 1 is our base salary zone. It includes San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.
  • For Zone 2, please apply a 10% reduction to the above base salaries: Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles in the US; London, Sydney, Dublin, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Singapore abroad
  • For Zone 3, please apply a 15% reduction to the above base salaries: Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Portland in the US; Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New Zealand, Toronto, Vancouver abroad
  • For Zone 4 and beyond, there will be a 20-40% reduction (we'll happily discuss this with you, but it's based on objective adjustments we can point to online, which we hope you agree is fair).

We try to be fair and transparent with compensation, in order to avoid back and forth and negotiation. After all — if we materially changed our compensation based on negotiation, it means we gave you a low-ball offer to begin with! That said, we recognize that people have personal situations with different cash needs; we're happy to discuss trading off cash and equity, as long as overall compensation is still in line with our bands.

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