AbstractOps Benefits

⛑ Healthcare

For the employee, we reimburse 100% of a Gold medical plan, along with dental and vision coverage. We do this via Gusto's small group health insurance plan. The insurer made available through the plan is currently United Healthcare for Medical, and Guardian for Dental / Vision.

In addition, we cover 60% of the same coverage (Gold medical plan + dental / vision) for dependents.

In our experience, this is above-market for an early stage company (most mid-stage companies do 100% + 50%, and only late-stage / public companies with 1,000+ employees cover a higher percentage). We want our people to be happy and healthy 🙂. We'll continue to make benefits more generous as we grow and mature as a company, as well.


We offer three group health care plans through United Health Care.

UHC Select Plus Direct - $2,250 - CEM8 UHC Traditional with Deductible - $250 - CEMK UHC Select Plus Direct - $1,500 - CEM6

Waiting period

1st, on/following hire

Company contribution

Your company contributes separately to employees' and dependents' premiums.

  • Employee: Your company covers up to 100% of the premium of UHC Select Plus Direct - $1,500 - CEM6. Employee pays the difference in premium if they select a more expensive plan.
  • Dependents: Your company covers up to 60% of the premium of UHC Select Plus Direct - $1,500 - CEM6. Employee pays the difference in premium if they select a more expensive plan.

Dental and Vision

For dental and vision, we use Guardian EM Dental 13 and Guardian EM Vision 14. For additional details and signup instructions, see the attached pdf below.

Employee Materials Dental and Vision.pdf1656.8KB

Waiting period

1st, on/following hire

Company contribution

Your company contributes separately to employees' and dependents' premiums.

  • Employee: Your company covers 99% of the premium.
  • Dependents: Your company covers 60% of the premium.

🛸 Universal Time Off (UTO) Policy

Reason to Take Time Off

Time off is essential for all human beings. It allows us to recharge, relax, and empty our brains for a time.

Burnout is a known issue for all startups, and we're no exception. Vacation is a key tool in preventing burnout. Fun fact: the World Health Organization recently added burnout to its list of International Classification of Diseases.

We want our teammates be happy and healthy by actually taking vacation.


The research to support this approach is overwhelming. Small sample set below.

  1. Vacation use is declining. HBR
  2. image
  3. If you plan ahead, create social connections on the trip, go far from your work, and feel safe, 94% of vacations have a good ROI in terms of your energy and outlook upon returning to work. Just make sure you plan the trip at least a month in advance. HBR
  4. People who took fewer than 10 of their vacation days per year had a 34.6% likelihood of receiving a raise or bonus in a three-year period of time. People who took more than 10 of their vacation days had a 65.4% chance of receiving a raise or bonus. HBR

"Unlimited" Time Off

Unlimited PTO provides benefit to a company for tax purposes. Theoretically, it provides benefits to an employee if they actually take time off.

In reality, we think "unlimited" time off is a misnomer at best, a lie at worst. It's never truly unlimited. And the research shows that teammates on unlimited time off actually take fewer vacation days than on traditional programs (HR Daily, National Law Review).

Types and Amounts of UTO

  1. US Federal Holidays
    1. 11 days in 2022
    2. As defined by the US Office of Personnel Management + Juneteenth
    3. If you are not in the US, feel free to take major holidays in your region or country. Of course, that may mean you won't want to take US holidays (and can help the US team as their backup).
  2. AbstractOps Recharge Days - 6 ad hoc recharge days to help the team after difficult pushes. Will definitely include:
    1. Black Friday
    2. Christmas Eve
  3. Vacation Days
    1. We have no minimums or maximums for vacation
      1. Both come with weird incentives and timing issues
      2. E.g., it's Dec 15 and no one's taken vacation = bad
    2. We encourage everyone to take 2-3 weeks of vacation per year
    3. Manager and teammate help each other ensure vacations are taken
  4. Religion
    1. We celebrate diversity of all types, including religions.
    2. Take the time that you need for your religion.
  5. Sick Days
    1. Take the sick days you need to get healthy.
    2. Take the time you need for doctor's appointments.
    3. If you're sick for more than a week in a year, talk with your manager about how to balance your responsibilities for the rest of the year.

Connectivity During UTO

There are two ways to take UTO: typical and off-grid.

  1. Off-grid = cannot or will not access internet
  2. Typical = skim email once a day for urgent messages; if something is urgent, ping a colleague to make sure there's coverage

We want you to take some block of time every year as off-grid PTO. Please, please, please go off-grid.

Planning for UTO

  1. Inform your manager
  2. If you are an OP, please follow
  3. Set your OOO according to
  4. [optional] Track your vacation in Gusto

Maternity and Paternity Leave

We offer 2 months paid leave for the birthing parent and 1 month paid leave for the non birthing parent. We believe this is above average for a startup at our stage, and well above most companies in the US where, sadly, only 55% offer any paid leave whatsoever.

If you wish to take off for longer, you can do so but it will be unpaid. Please discuss the extra time with your manager and receive prior written approval. For more details around the policy, who is eligible and local laws, please refer to our forthcoming employee handbook (or ask your manager in the meantime).

🍱 Other Benefits

We are big believers in team happiness and productivity. The sweet spot for that is tough to find because it's different for everyone. We offer a variety of benefits to help you find what is best for you. Those benefits include a fantastic, fast laptop and cash to help you set up the ideal WFH setup or make sure you're caffeinated at a hip coffee shop (as an example!).

  • Macbook Air M1 or Macbook Pro (for EPD); if you want or need a PC, please check with your manager
  • Up to $250 per month on AbstractOps related items. This may include things such as:
    • Co-working space
    • Cell phone plan (but not a phone lease) and/or home internet
      • Note: for these, we'll reimburse 50% of the total cost
    • A coffee at a coffee shop where you're working for a few hours
    • Meal or drinks with AbstractOps colleagues or clients
    • Home office setup: monitor, keyboard, chair, etc.
    • NOTES:
      • Everyone will receive a virtual Ramp card for this amount. Receipts for all purchases over $5 are required.
      • If you want to do a reimbursement (such as for your cell phone bill), not a problem. Submit via Ramp.
      • If you are unsure if something is included in this benefit, just ask!
      • Please be judicious about spending! Per our values, "Act like an owner."