Experienced Backend Software Engineer

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We're a fully-remote team, but we have a strong preference for people located in US time zones.


  • Has several years of experience as a software engineer. Beyond that, can be any seniority — we'll band and compensate accordingly.
  • Is extremely product-minded, and is adept at translating customer/business/ops requirements into code.
  • Is eager to work as part of a small, high-velocity engineering team
  • Wants to shape the long-term eng direction and culture of the company with decisions based on facts, first principles, and conviction (born of expertise).
  • Loves the idea of mentoring people, and doesn't consider it a burden.
  • An endless curiosity to span the breadth of the company. For example, someone who:
    • Has a strong aesthetic sense and likes designing UI/UX
    • Contributes to open source projects
    • Has taken machine learning classes for fun
    • Likes writing blogs on the side
    • Has non-traditional training, like someone with a legal or finance background in addition to being technical
    • Has started their own company


We like but you are not required to know: TypeScript/JavaScript, ReactJS, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, Node.js, HTML, SCSS(Sass)/CSS, Responsive Design, Webpack


* When we make our offer, we’d be happy to share more on how this is calculated.

** We recognize that people have personal situations with different cash needs; we're happy to discuss trading off cash and equity, as long as overall compensation is still in line with our bands.

*** Percentage ownership is based on current share count (fully-diluted shares outstanding); it does not account for expected dilution from already-issued SAFEs.

Note: we apply a modest cost-of-living adjustment; we provided two examples above in the table, but if you’re curious, here’s a fuller list of Zones / Locations

We try to be fair and transparent with compensation, in order to avoid back and forth and negotiation. After all — if we materially changed our compensation based on negotiation, it means we gave you a low-ball offer to begin with!

Interview Process

Research shows that underrepresented groups apply only if they meet 100% of the criteria. AbstractOps is committed to leveling the playing field, and we encourage women, people of color, those in the LGBTQ+ communities, and veterans to apply for positions even if they don’t necessarily check every box outlined in the job description. This is the exact reason we don’t say “requirements” anywhere. If our mission, our culture, our values, our approach to hiring or anything else you just read made you nod your head vigorously, please still get in touch; we’d love to connect and see if you could be good for this or other roles (now or in the future!). In addition, if you have feedback for our JD, or process, please also reach out to let us know. We are relentlessly focused on experimentation and growth as values, after all!
  • Phone Screen: 20-30 min
  • Live Problem Solving & Coding Test: 90 min
  • Engineering Culture & Values Chat: 60 min
  • Domain-Specific Technical Interview: 90 min
  • Offer & "Social Contract": 30 min
  • 2 Reference Checks: A couple of days max with Sarah/Hari/Manager

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