Equity Paralegal

Equity Paralegal

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Timing Winter 2021 + 2022

Location We're a fully-remote team, but we have a strong preference for people located in North American time zones.

Compensation We try to be (more than) fair and (excessively) transparent, and avoid negotiating because it creates bias and unintended disparities.

Curious about our compensation? See here for a full breakdown of our compensation bands, expectations for each level. We expect the Equity Paralegal role will be at least an L3 to L4 or even higher depending on experience & seniority.

Reporting — To a Client Operations (who manages our Client Services team) Lead or a cofounder


We think the big draw of this role is the fact that we're taking a historically under-appreciated set of roles — paralegals, HR managers, controllers, etc. — and creating leverage and automation for them. We're taking the "back office" functions, and bringing them front and center. Please only apply if you have 5-10 years of experience as a paralegal or legal assistant familiar with startup law (either at a startup law firm, or in-house at a startup). Specifically, this role is for a person who is an expert at all things equity. If you do not have this experience, please apply for our other paralegal instead.


  • This is one of our more specialized roles. Familiarity with typical startup practices and documents (SAFEs, equity issuances, venture financings, etc.) is essential.
  • A strong candidate would:
    • Feel totally comfortable with legal agreements and advising on best practices (with internal team + external clients)
    • Geek out over the idea of standardizing legal documents
    • Be a stickler for document specifics. When a comma is out of place, it bothers you!
    • Is intimately familiar with norms in startup legal work: SAFE agreements, option grants, NDAs, advisor agreements, CIIAs, etc. For this current open role, startup legal knowledge is a must.
    • You get a kick out of issues with Carta!
  • Bonus (not required, but would definitely be a plus):
    • Have experience working in the venture industry — at a venture law firm, in-house as a paralegal or legal administrator
    • Understand the tradeoffs between legal risk and business risk, and help clients make effective judgment calls

Summary responsibilities — Our customers share a huge amount of critical legal information and documentation with AbstractOps. We don't provide legal advice, instead assisting with "legal ops." For example, we help them with:

  • Document and data management: template form documents, classify files, extract useful data to inform future decisions and processes
  • Coordinating with counsel: working with internal lawyers or outside counsel for clients, on legal needs (board consents, equity issuance, diligence before a fundraise, etc.), or standardizing legal templates and processes for hygiene and scale.
  • Advise on legal ops: project managing cap tables or document issuance, ensuring compliance with local or federal regulation, etc. You are a critical part of this team and our customer's processes, and an expert on things that drive outcomes for the next unicorns in the ecosystem.

You'll be working hands-on with dozens of our clients. These are some of the most dynamic, fast growing and interesting businesses in startup tech. We believe that managing and understanding the web of legal documents at a company is crucial to a company's operations and success.

You will work closely with our operations partners, our product team, and our clients to make sure that we understand their documents and needs. You'll dig into their fundraising, human resources (HR), and compliance challenges.

Interview Process

  • Phone Screen: 30 min with our recruiting team
  • 1-2 Detailed Interviews with one of our co-founders and other team members
  • Writing assignment (depending on role)
  • 2 reference checks
  • Offer & "Social Contract" (we love these! It's part of our culture)

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