AO Engineering Compensation Bands

As of May 2021

L3: $115,000 + 0.1-0.15% (10k shares)

An entry level engineer who has a strong understanding of engineering principles, but perhaps is still building experience applying them to real-world problems. Typical capabilities would include:

  • ability to work on well-defined tickets within existing features and systems, and be accretive to the team's output within the first couple of months
  • working with more senior members of the engineering team to execute on projects
  • learning and applying the team's tools and best practices
  • experience and comfort with our languages, or the ability to pick them up relatively quickly
  • a commitment to quality output, including knowing when to ask for help
  • an eagerness to learn, develop, and grow as an individual contributor
L4: $140,000 + 0.3-0.4% (30k shares)

An engineer that can work independently without (much) oversight. While many folks who succeed in this role have a few years of experience, there is no hard threshold for who meets this bar. Typical capabilities should include:

  • comfort with data modeling, debugging, testing, web app engineering
  • smart estimation and managing oneself
  • ability to handle on-calls and issues
  • shipping clean code with documentation, and handling occasional code reviews
  • areas where they are developing depth of functional knowledge
L5: $165,000 + 0.4-0.5% (40k shares)

What would be typically considered a seasoned member of the team, who can not only work independently, but can mentor / coach junior or entry-level engineers.

In addition to the requirements of Band 4, a successful candidate would have:

  • an appetite for mentorship and knowledge dissemination (an appetite for people management is purely optional)
  • a deep understanding of reliability principles and scalability
  • baked in testing and documentation in everything they build
  • the ability to write strong tech specs and software design docs
  • an interest and ability to interview and evaluate engineering candidates
  • areas where they're considered a topic matter expert
L6: $180,000 + 0.7-1.0% (75k shares)

What would be considered a senior member of the technical staff of a team or organization.

  • This person would often be an expert on not just a feature but entire facets of the product. They can understand business problems intimately, and turn them into a specific engineering strategy by working closely with product and design teams (often through multi-month projects)
  • Can juggle multiple projects of varying complexity. Can design and architect complex systems that power meaningful aspects of a product. By definition, a successful engineer at this level materially changes the direction of product (and maybe even the company)
  • They are shaping the engineering culture and are setting the standard for how the rest of the org operates; they are someone that other members of the engineering team look up to and try to emulate.
Important: if you are in a different "zone" (cost of living) your base salary will be adjusted accordingly (equity remains the same).
  • For Zone 2, please apply a 10% reduction to the above base salaries: Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles in the US; London, Sydney, Dublin, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Singapore abroad
  • For Zone 3, please apply a 15% reduction to the above base salaries: Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Portland in the US; Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New Zealand, Toronto, Vancouver abroad
  • For Zone 4 and beyond, there will be a 20-40% reduction (we'll happily discuss this with you, but it's based on objective adjustments we can point to online, which we hope you agree is fair).