Head of Customer Success & Professional Services

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Timing Hire in Dec 2021 / Jan 2022, for start in Q1

Location We're a fully-remote team, but for this role we will only be hiring people located in US / Canada.

Reporting Reporting to Adam Spector (cofounder heading up GTM & ops)

Title Whenever possible, we try to avoid titles at AbstractOps. While this JD is scoped to capture the right kind of candidate profile, your title will be something simple like "Customer Success & Delivery Lead". However, you will lead and own (our equivalent of) the Customer Success function + our Professional Services org ("Operations Partners" or OPs)

About us AbstractOps is the OS for company-building. We help handle and automate HR, finance and legal functions. This lets founders / execs / ops teams at our company focus on product and customers, and other strategic things like FP&A, recruiting, culture, etc. Please check out our Overview for more context on what we do.

Scope of role

  1. Customer Success team: Build and scale from 3 to 20+ in 2022, comprising:
    1. CSMs who own the customer relationship with customers in our mid-tier of pricing (who comprise ~50% of the customer base)
    2. The team who comprise an operations "hub" to execute on client tasks (e.g., issuing contracts, filing state registrations, managing documents, making payments - we call this the Central Services team)
  2. OP (Professional Services) team: Manage and grow at steady pace that is healthy for the business (best guess, from 10 to ~20+ in 2022). This team is comprised of "OPs":
    1. Dedicated point of contact for clients who need more hands-on help and consultation, to ensure their operations are handled smoothly. They operate similarly to the CSMs above, but they manage fewer clients more actively.
  3. Specialized functions: Hiring and managing DRIs to build out and expertise:
    1. Onboarding and "implementation"
    2. Knowledge management
    3. Customer support
    4. Data processing and integrity
    5. SMEs in salient topics: equity compensation / HR compliance / tax compliance / etc.
    6. As "connective tissue" across a company's HR / Finance / Legal, like any other data platform (Segment, Salesforce, Looker, Palantir), we need to have a team that creates adoption, data integrity, stickiness, etc.


As you can see, this is a complex and fascinating organization, which will comprise probably 50% of the company's headcount. Building and managing these teams well is critical to scaling. We'd love for you to come help us do that :).

Core responsibilites

  1. Set the Strategy. The Ops team's strategy is fundamental to our overall business model. You'll work with our COO & CEO to determine what the org will look like in 6/12/24 months, and build the plan to get us there. Which brings us to...
  2. Operational Roadmap. Develop the roadmap, and own outcomes for the operations function, including managing scope, planning timelines, and setting expectations across the company. Every quarter there will likely be 1-2 key initiatives; we might be launching a new product module, or investing in building out our vendor KB, or expanding to a new customer audience. You would bake these plans into the Ops org by designating DRIs (Directly Responsible Individuals), determining resource allocation, etc.
  3. Cultural Leadership. Set the culture, working norms, and bar for high quality execution. Build an organization that prizes fantastic customer outcomes while balancing "how do we deliver this value through the product, not just by throwing people at the problem?"
  4. Connect the Dots. You'll be working with leaders on product, engineering, sales and marketing to make sure the right people are aware of what's happening, and you're pulling the right voices in when needed.
  5. Recruiting: Serve as a talent magnet, as a rigorous filter for candidates, and build a fantastic recruiting engine. If you're able to nail these things, you'll help us ensure that we're recruiting world-class operators (who still have the humility, growth mindset, and open-mindedness to be great team players).
  6. Mentorship: Develop the team (especially, but not limited to, your direct reports), including grooming them to become managers and mentors in their own right.

Traits We Are Looking For

  • You've been customer-facing and customer-obsessed. This is table stakes. You've worked in a customer-facing function (customer success, customer operations, account management, etc.) and ideally you've led and scaled it at multiple orgs — see below.
  • You know how to scale an org. We are going to be scaling this team from ~20 today to 50+ in the next 6-9 months, and beyond. Ideally, you have experience doing this before (or you've had a front row seat to this experience).
  • Be an operator among operators. We're a company solving operations, so ops leadership at this company is... a high bar :). We'll be looking for you to be a builder, where you set the right plans, track the right KPIs, and exceed expectations on SLAs.
  • You love to get technical. We are a data company. While the customer-facing services is core to our value proposition, you are a leader of the team and need to go toe to toe with the product and eng teams on understanding the user needs and nuances of our product.
  • You want to lead. You'll be a leader at the company, which will include building out your team, mentoring and developing them, and setting the culture for the ops org (and beyond).
  • You love recruiting. You think of yourself as an excellent gauge of talent, and you have a knack for closing great candidates.
  • Mentorship is fun. You enjoy grooming and developing future managers. We have multiple ICs who are interested in becoming people managers and are actively looking for coaching to make sure they can grow into these responsibilities.
  • Contentious but humble debate. We try really hard to embody "strong opinions held loosely." We often move fast by a) having people put a stake in the ground and b) asking the right people if no one disagrees, and if they don't, c) we just do it. For (b), we need people who love keeping each other honest: stress-testing the rest of the company's leaders, keeping the ops and product teams honest in their assessments and timelines, or picking apart our direction... to make sure the right things are getting built, the right way, at the right time.
  • You get the message across. You believe in the importance of documentation; we're a remote-first company with a heavy emphasis on capturing things in writing. That said, you don't use documentation as a crutch, and you realize when it's more efficient to just get the right people in a room and hash it out.

Nice to haves...

  • Operated or pinch-hit in a relevant function (HR, Finance, Legal). This isn't essential since we have plenty of this expertise, but it'll probably help you hit the ground running.
  • Passion for (and ideally experience with) productivity products: dashboards, workflow engines, etc.
  • You understand our ICP - startups. You've worked at early-stage startups before; or you might have founded your own company in the past, or you've spent a lot of time working with or selling to startups.
  • Street cred as a "renaissance person":
    • Do you have a background beyond just operations (e.g., a legal or finance background)?
    • Have you started a company or angel invested?
    • Do you like writing?
    • Do you go mountaineering or make your own wine (or [insert other very cool hobby])?
    • Do you have strong views on great software products or good interaction design?


NameRolesBase (Zone 1)Salary / Equity *Equity**
Head of CS / PS
+/- $20,000
50,000 options (~0.70%)

* Our bands are fixed, but we do allow for flexibility between salary and equity, allowing a candidate to optimize for more cash or more equity (as long as the overall "total rewards" compensation is in line with bands).

** Percentage ownership is based on current share count (fully-diluted shares outstanding); it does not account for expected dilution from already-issued SAFEs.

Important: if you are in a different "zone" (cost of living) your base salary will be adjusted accordingly (equity remains the same no matter where you live on the planet).
  • Zone 1 is our base salary zone. It includes San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.
  • For Zone 2, please apply a 10% reduction to the above base salaries: Boston, Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles in the US; London, Sydney, Dublin, Hong Kong, Copenhagen, Singapore abroad
  • For Zone 3, please apply a 15% reduction to the above base salaries: Chicago, San Diego, Miami, Portland in the US; Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, New Zealand, Toronto, Vancouver abroad
  • For Zone 4 and beyond, there will be a 20-40% reduction (we'll happily discuss this with you, but it's based on objective adjustments we can point to online, which we hope you agree is fair).

We try to be fair and transparent with compensation, in order to avoid back and forth and negotiation. After all — if we materially changed our compensation based on negotiation, it means we gave you a low-ball offer to begin with! That said, we recognize that people have personal situations with different cash needs; we're happy to discuss trading off cash and equity, as long as overall compensation is still in line with our bands.

Application Process

  1. Fill out our intake form: Open link in browser
  2. 1-2 Detailed Interviews with our co-founders
  3. Interviews with most of the current operations team
  4. 2-4 reference checks
  5. Offer & "Social Contract" (we love these! It's part of our culture)