AbstractOps Community Builder & Manager

AbstractOps Community Builder & Manager

Details of the role

AbstractOps Learn all about us. We think we're fun, quirky, and, most important, tackling a big problem (oh, and we're growing fast). Fun fact: we were one of the select companies rated by Forbes as a Cloud 100 Rising Star.

Role AbstractOps community builder and manager. This is a critical role in crafting the strategy and tactically building and managing the budding AbstractOps community.

Timing Immediately!

Location We're a fully-remote team although have a preference for a person who can work in full U.S. time zones.

Summary responsibilities

  • Craft the strategy around what the AbstractOps community should be today, in six, twelve and eighteen months from now.
  • Take action on your strategy. You will put into practice your plans. You will move quickly, learn, iterate and move forward.
    • Develop, deploy, and support community initiatives. As the Community is still relatively young and the self-serve initiatives are growing by the day, you are ready and able to help brainstorm, strategize, build, and launch a wide variety of experiments, projects, objectives, and initiatives.
  • Own all community metrics, which we expect will tie into marketing and growth plans.
  • Manage platform integrations and related technical products that community members will interact with throughout their journey.
  • Own the roadmap and the outcomes for the community. You will work with your manager to set ambitious targets and, we expect, surpass them!
  • Oversee feedback from the community that is translated back to the operations and product teams for continuous improvement.
  • Collaborate with Marketing and Product and Design teams to bring community to life by way of content, events, promotions, gamification and ideation. Act as a liaison to assist in the alignment of messaging, content, and product updates.
  • Be a strong advocate for our Community across the entire company, demonstrating its value to our organization.
  • Maintain the budget and reporting cadence to your manager and wider team.

Ideal profile You have at least 2+ years of experience community building and management and 5+ years of overall work experience. Your work experience includes owning a business line (even if small) with reporting metrics that you can point to as showcasing your success with that business line.

If you don't have the above experience but can prove that you are an exceedingly fast learner who enjoys the details, that may work!

Other skills we’d love to see:

  • A love of interacting with and building community (ideally online but offline works too)
  • Experience in fields related to community management such as customer support, technical support, sales, or knowledge management
  • Understanding of SaaS
  • Deep empathy with startup tech founders (even better if you’ve been a founder in a previous life)
  • Examples of innovation, creativity and resourceful thinking
    • This role will be largely self-managed. The upside is a lot of freedom and trust. The downside is that no one will tell you how to do your job. You have to come up with ideas, test them out and reach identifiable conclusions quickly and then present them in a thoughtful manner to the team
  • You are fantastic at time management and are great at self-focus. You love improving processes to make everything more efficient.
    • In remote-first companies, no one is looking over your shoulder. It is easy to become distracted. You will plan your hours and priorities hand in hand with your manager but still own the outcomes.
  • You enjoy communicating in an async fashion
    • Remote teamwork requires a lot of async communication
    • Our community is online. That means you must love living in chat-related tools.

Reporting and team

  • You will report directly to our Chief Operating Officer who likes to move fast, communicate constantly, and be regularly challenged with new ideas.
  • You will interact regularly with the go-to-market team (they will be your core teammates) but of course, as a generally flat organization, we expect you to get involved with everyone and learn about all parts of AbstractOps.

Application Process

  1. Fill out our intake form
    1. Open link in browser
  2. Potentially: A short community building project to give you an idea of the type of work you’ll be doing
  3. 1-2 Detailed Interviews with one of our Co-founders and other team members
  4. 2 reference checks
  5. Offer & "Social Contract" (we love these! It's part of our culture)


Research shows that underrepresented groups apply only if they meet 100% of the criteria. AbstractOps is committed to leveling the playing field, and we encourage women, people of color, those in the LGBTQ+ communities, and veterans to apply for positions even if they don’t necessarily check every box outlined in the job description. This is the exact reason we don’t say “requirements” anywhere. If our mission, our culture, our values, our approach to hiring or anything else you just read made you nod your head vigorously, please still get in touch; we’d love to connect and see if you could be good for this or other roles (now or in the future!). In addition, if you have feedback for our JD, or process, please also reach out to let us know. We are relentlessly focused on experimentation and growth as values after all :).

* When we make our offer, we’d be happy to share more on how this is calculated.

** We recognize that people have personal situations with different cash needs; we're happy to discuss trading off cash and equity, as long as overall compensation is still in line with our bands.

*** Percentage ownership is based on current share count (fully-diluted shares outstanding); it does not account for expected dilution from already-issued SAFEs.

Note: we apply a modest cost-of-living adjustment; we provided two examples above in the table, but if you’re curious, here’s a fuller list of Zones / Locations

We try to be fair and transparent with compensation, in order to avoid back and forth and negotiation. After all — if we materially changed our compensation based on negotiation, it means we gave you a low-ball offer to begin with!