Full-stack Engineer

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Timing Late Feb / early March 2021

Location We're a fully-remote team, but we have a mild preference for people located in the US

Reporting Depending on seniority, reporting to Trevor, our VP Eng; or to one of the cofounders.


  • Has 4+ years of experience as a software engineer (6+ years preferred). Beyond that, can be any seniority — we'll band and compensate accordingly.
  • Is extremely product-minded, and is adept at translating customer / business / ops requirements into code.
  • Bonus: experiences with ML and AI systems such as Named Entity Recognition (NER).
  • Bonus: Has strong design intuition; in the absence of design capacity can run with requirements and ship product, fast (with a view to iterating later as needed)
  • Ideally has experience working on productivity products: dashboards, workflow engines, etc.
  • Is eager to work as part of a small, high-velocity engineering team (Principal Eng who is full-stack and Lead Eng who is full-stack-leaning-backend)
  • Wants to shape the long-term product direction and culture of the company with decisions based on facts, first principles, and conviction (born of expertise).
  • Generalist skill set including knowledge in multiple back-end and front-end frameworks but you also have an endless curiosity to span the breadth of the company. For example, someone who:
    • Likes designing UI/UX
    • Has taken machine learning classes for fun
    • Likes writing blogs on the side
    • Non-traditional training, like someone with a legal or finance background in addition to being technical
    • Has started their own company

Languages we like but you are not required to know: Golang, TypeScript/JavaScript, ReactJS (Hooks, Redux, Redux Thunk), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, Postgres, Webpack, Node.js, Responsive Design, Docker, CI/CD, HTML, SCSS(Sass)/CSS