Senior Product Designer

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  • Has 3-10+ years of experience at design-focused companies (i.e., we're open to either "Senior Designer" or "Principal Designer" / "Head of Design"). We'll band and compensate accordingly, and we're flexible on whether you want to pursue an IC vs. Manager track.
  • Is excited by the prospect of being the first design hire at a company, and shaping the design strategy, language, and culture
  • Is particularly thoughtful about interaction design, particularly in applying first principles to a new product category
  • Is well-versed at making things "user proof" — especially in turning complex processes into intuitive, bite-sized flows
  • Balances function and form; i.e., we do want our dashboard to look amazing, but the most important thing is ensuring that people aren't tripped up by confusing components or flows during time-sensitive processes
  • Can reduce a wide range of complexity, spanning multiple functions with very different "language" — like HR, finance, legal — into an interface that a busy exec would love working with
  • Works closely with the rest of the team to take things from concept to shipped product
  • Might be able to code a bit, too 🙂