Operator (aka ProCOO)

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Details of the role

  • Timing Late Feb / early March 2021
  • Location We're a fully-remote team, but we have a mild preference for people located in the US
  • Reporting To one of the cofounders
  • Background
    • A high capability generalist, typically with 2-5 years of experience
    • Sweet spot is people who have experience in HR, finance, legal, or compliance functions.
    • Other folks who have been "operators" — founding team members who are used to wearing lots of hats, biz ops / ops managers, sales ops, etc. could all be good fits too.
    • Ex-professional services generalists (consulting, banking) might be a good fit, too.


To start with, this person would be hands-on with a number of clients, working in the midst of a human-in-the-loop system; responsible for 6-10 clients, on a range of operational responsibilities. During this time, the role would include thing like:

  • Client onboarding; weekly/biweekly check-ins with clients
  • Conducting monthly audits / cleanup, working closely with client CEOs / execs to make sure that issues are resolved
  • Research and problem solving; resolving edge cases which aren't covered (yet) by the platform
  • Working with product and engineering team to a) develop upgrades to our process engine and b) inform our product roadmap based on dogfooding our early product releases.

Long term, we expect that the blocking-and-tackling will fade in favor of high-bandwidth problem solving (e.g., resolving sensitive special situations for clients), contributing to product (coordinating build and rollout of new product features), or working on a specialized team (e.g., become our senior in-house expert on HR compliance, equity, accounting, etc.).

People who are likely to thrive:

  • Is excited by the idea of serving as a fractional COO / Chief of Staff, simultaneously, for several dynamic, fascinating early-stage startups, in a way that no single role could ever do for you.
    • We think that a lot of our ProCOOs will go on to join client teams as a full-time Chief of Staff, Head of Biz Ops, or COO.
  • Are total geeks for better process, more standardization, and reinventing things just enough to make them more efficient.
  • People who have a deep dedication to client service and doing right by our stakeholders, and going above and beyond to make sure our early adopters love us.

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