Growth Marketer

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  • Has 2-6 years experience in marketing or analytics
    • If you don't have the above experience but can prove that you are an exceedingly fast learner who enjoys the details, that works too!
  • Owns everything from refining our pricing, to our content and marketing strategy, to helping us build a community
  • Thinks analytically and uses data to make decisions specifically related to SEO, website analytics, and top-of-the funnel conversion rates
  • Loves to write and edit. You'll be in charge of all customer-facing content. This requires an enjoyment of writing and editing (of other's content). You need to be able to embody the "voice" of AbstractOps and deeply understand our customers (mostly tech startups for now).
    • Were you the editor of your University newspaper?
    • Do you have your own personal blog? Do you write for any publications?
  • To start off, your week will include much of the following:
    • Writing (and research) on a blog post topic of your choice
    • Editing 1-2 posts from others on our team
    • Pushing those posts to social media
    • Writing and creating landing pages
    • SEO and related work for the above
    • Analytics for the above plus constantly thinking about how you can improve
  • Exceedingly curious and always looking to find the edge. It's difficult to differentiate in the marketing world so how can AbstractOps stand out?
    • We'd love to hear your ideas even before you start
  • Will dig into user research to understand the "spiky" value we provide (i.e., we offer a lot, but which are the things people can't live without?)
  • Over time, will continue to expand their scope of work to perhaps include partnerships, or other aspects of strategy / GTM
  • You will report directly to the Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer who likes to move fast, communicate constantly, and be regularly challenged with new ideas.

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